GRIMAZE is a groove/death metal band, expressing intense inner states through music. The band was formed in 2013 and line up includes Melina Krumova - guitar, Nedislav Miladinov - drums, Georgi Ivanov - vocals and Philip Kolarov - bass.

Since its formation the band has had over 300 concerts in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, etc.

In 2016 GRIMAZE published an EP, titled “Dreammares”, containing 6 songs. Their first album “Planet Grimaze” was released in 2018.

They’ve played on various fests such as RockStadt Extreme Fest, Balkan Metal Meeting, Serbian Metal Meeting, Metal Madness, etc. 

The band toured withDecapitated, Hatesphere, Thy Disease and Dehydrated on the "Anticult Balkan Tour 2018" and with Pestilence and Bleeding Gods on the "Redvced to Ashes Tovr 2019"

Grimaze also started an initiative in their home country encouraging fans to clean waste from nature in the mornings after concert nights. The initiative gathered thousands of followers and contributed to the removal of over 800,000 litres of garbage from the environment.