Redvced to Ashes Tovr 2019 – Pestilence & Grimaze – Glasgow, Scotland
February 21, 2019
6:00 pm
The Classic Grand


Playing all songs from CONSVMING IMPVLSE and more!!

PESTILENCE “Evrope Redvced to Ashes“ Tour 2019

Although Pestilence doesn’t need any real introduction anymore, here are some facts about the black plague:

Pestilence has been, since 1986, a legendary death metal institution from the Netherlands; innovators that revolutionized death metal, altered what was considered “progressive” and set new standards with every album they ever released, creating a body of work that cemented the group in metal’s history.

Groundbreaking albums i.e “Malleus Maleficarum”, “Consuming Impulse “, Testimony of the Ancients” and “Spheres” inspired generations of bands all over the world and altered the reality for hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Let’s now take a moment to talk about the second album, that will reach it’s 30th anniversary in 2019, “Consuming Impulse “. This pure Death Metal album really gave a new meaning to heaviness and brutal riffing combined, with realistic and twisted lyrics that set the standard once again. Many fans consider this the only answer to Death’s “Leprocy “.

Because “Consuming Impulse “ is such a monumental album, Pestilence is paying hommage to it, with a full blown European tour called “Evrope Redvced to Ashes“ playing the whole album in it’s entirely!!! Pestilence will perform these devastating songs live with the addition of new bassplayer Edward Negrea, replacing Tilen Hudrap.

plus special guests

The Classic Grand
Thursday 21st February 2019
Door 6pm | 14+ | £18

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