Message of The North Tour 2019 w/ Vader
September 9, 2019
8:00 pm
Finland - Yo-talo

VADER will wage war in Finland once again, with their Message to the North Tour 2019! This September, the fathers of Polish death metal VADER return to the North with 4 strategic assaults across the Finnish republic, bringing irreligious chaos to the coldest reaches of their empire. At each of these intimate affairs, along with their wide array of classics, they’ll be presenting new tunes from their 2019 EP release “Thy Messenger,” as well as from their forthcoming full-length. Be prepared, the onslaught will be devastating.

The undefeated war machine will be accompanied by their well-established comrades, the extreme metal crusaders known as HATE. Well known since the ‘90s for their venomously blackened death metal, and bearing the massive and distinctly Polish sound that is their birthright, HATE will be supporting their freshly released and opulent opus “Auric Gates of Veles.”

VADER and HATE will be supported by a third dose of Polish artistry by the name of THY DISEASE, as well as two additional bands to be announced. Each night will be dripping with the sweet scents of death and decay, as VADER lead us to triumph!

This blitzkrieg is being brought to you by the fine folks of Elektrik Products and Enslain Magazine.


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/395647517716461/